Jean Grey (Marvel Girl)


For me this is the classic Jean Grey. Her green and yellow late 60’s/70’s catmask and skirt is by far the most dynamic that Jean has ever looked, and for a character that spends most of her time dead, she’s got a lot of looks! Next to issue #1 I can’t think of a more iconic X-Men cover than that of #137 with her and Cyclops fending off a mysterious force, clad in torn and battered costumes, yet standing their ground in true X-Men fashion! This is a version of Jean that Hasbro has yet to make. This Marvel Girl features custom sculpted hair, mask, belt, boots, and gloves. She features a highly detailed ACCF paint job with deep shading and highlights! This is truly a beautiful, one of a kind piece, and fits in perfectly with 6″ Marvel Legends.

Marvel Girl was made from a Phoenix base, Kitty Pryde head and hands, Enchantress hair, and tons of sculpted detail. Finished with a trademark ACCF custom paint job. Enjoy!



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