Jason Todd/Red Hood (Original Concept)


I’ve done a few Red Hood figures in the 7 years that I’ve been customizing figures, but this is hands down my favorite, the coolest, and most badass, not to mention one of the finer figures just in general that I’ve ever made. This Jason Todd as the Red Hood ready to brawl. Period.┬áThe gangster with a heart of gold is a mix of the Arkham games and the Winick comics. He’s got two interchangeable heads: his trademark helmet, and an unmasked head with his trademark white flock of hair and smirk! He comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons including 2 handguns that fit into his hip holsters, a heavy gauge machine gun, heavy gauge shotgun, and 2 oozies. He is fully articulate in the Marvel Legends style with sculpted detail, and has a gritty, armored up, street style paint job with metallics and deep shaded details. Enjoy!



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