Mighty Mightor (Hanna-Barbera)


Mightor is part of a 6 figure Hanna-Barbera/Space Ghost family set of commissions, all made in the DCUC style. These figures brought me way back to watching all of these characters in the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons! Tor the caveman was given a magical club that can transform him into the Mighty Mightor when he holds it up and says his name! Very much like Superman or Space Ghost, Mightor protects his village from evil doers! These cartoons were first aired in the late 60’s and returned in the early 80’s, and have found a new life in today’s pop culture through comics and other mediums.

Mightor was made from a DCUC Hawkman base with sculpted boots, arm wraps, medallion, and horns. His club is an original sculpt. His skirt and head dress/cape are painted fabric. Wrapped up in an AC Custom Figures paint job. Enjoy!



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