Weapon X (Wolverine)


It all started with Barry Windsor Smith’s classic Weapon X run in the 90’s; the definitive telling of Logan’s days of being experimented on in the Weapon X Program. This is Wolverine in his Weapon X gear in the most detailed way that you’ve ever seen him! Loosely based off the sculpted statue work of Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra, Logan features fully sculpted details from head to toe! His head gear, backpack, webgear, straps, and tech features are nearly all sculpted detail. He features real metal claws, and a metallic and matte AC Custom Figures paint job from head to toe, with deep shading and tons of detail. Enjoy!

Weapon X was made from a ML Vision base with a heavily modded Toybiz Weapon X head fused with a Punisher mouth, tons of fodder parts were used to finish him off.



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