HE-MAX (MOTUC Original)


He-Man has fallen. 500 years in the future Eternia is an even more dangerous place than it is today. With the rift to Dark Eternia growing and swallowing Eternia, marauders and mayhem run rampant. Emerging from the chaos is a mysterious traveler armed to the teeth and baring a strange resemblance to He-Man. But who is he. In Dark Eternia he is known as He-Max. To the future he is simply justice.

He-Max was made from a MOTUC Man-At-Arms base, Rio Blast arms, Space Skeletor lower legs, fodder armor, Squeeeze crotch, and sculpted leg/arm wraps, and scarf. He is armed with He-Man’s ax, MAA hand gun, a sawed off shotgun, a vibro-blaster and billyclub. Finished off with a post-apocalyptic paint job. Enjoy!



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