Red Hood (Concept)


Back from the dead like Jason…er, Todd! One of my all time favorite characters, this is Red Hood in a concepts costume. For this commission the client pretty much gave me free reign as to how to design this version of Jason Todd. I gave him a multi colored, almost anime, design. He has his trade mark leather jacket, this time brown, and a ton of weapons. I’ve included 2 sets of hand guns, a machine gun, a shotgun, a custom made grenade launcher, his trademark knife, his New 52 mystic swords, and a big ass Gatling style machine gun I call ‘The Mower”. He has a masked and unmasked head as well!

Red Hood was made from a movie Cap upper body with tactical Wolverine lower legs, Fury jacket and arms, sculpted bat symbol, tons of fodder for belts and straps, and his masked head is ML Ice criminal, and his unmasked head is a modded Superboy. Finished with a deeply shaded and metallic paint job. Enjoy!



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