BOBA FETT!!! Hands down my favorite Star Wars character since I first saw him in Empire Strikes Back when I was a kid. He’s the ultimate bounty hunter from a galaxy far, far away, and he will be back some day! I have always wanted to do a custom of him not only because he’s my favorite, but because he’s packed with so many great details. However, I wanted to be able to put my own twist on him, and I thought a Masters Of The Universe/He-Man style figure would do the trick! I packed every detail I could think of into this guy, but my favorite part is the skull on his left shoulder. In fact, I’m such a fan that I got the same skull tattooed on my own left shoulder 20 years ago!

I based him off of the 6″ Black Series figure. Fett was made from a MOTUC Icarus base with TONS of mods and sculpted details. His armor and pockets are all sculpted from head to toe, including blaster dents and details of the suit. He has lots of added MOTUC parts from Rio Blast and Vykron that I felt captured the feeling of Boba Fett’s costume such as his forearm gauntlets that are packed with blasters, guns and darts. His jet pack is almost identical to Fett’s as well as his cape and Wookie scalps draped from his shoulder. His head was a Vykron helmet over an Icarus head with sculpted detail and fodder parts. I finished him with Fett’s traditional paint job including all of his metal denting and scorching, scrapes and highlights! Enjoy!


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