Deadpool Back In Black


What’s better than the Merc with the Maouth and all his guns? The Merc with the Mouth and the VENOM symbiote… AND all his guns! This is Deadpool in all his Back In Black gory, straight from the badass comic! He sports the sleek costume design with sculpted symbiote suit details, an interchangeable Venom symbiote head, symbiote reaching arm, and his detachable symbiote tenticles that can hold all of his guns and swords and chimi…you get the idea. He is super articulate and sassy, and can strike all of thos Venomous poses from the comic!

Deadpool was made from a ML Blizzard with sculpted details. His Venom head is from Superior Venom, and tentacles from Agent Venom, and his symbiote arm is Venom hand with fodder and sculpt. And tons of custom painted weapons. He’s finished in a shaded black and white paint job. Enjoy!


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