General Krom (MOTUC Original)


Rising up through the ranks of Hordak’s army, General Krom has come to challenge the Evil Horde’s master. Famous and feared for his crushing wins in the battles of Green Staff Fly Trapper Glenn, Krom is pure ruthlessness. When he sets his mind to something he gets it done, and he has his sights on Hordak’s throne. To help with defeating the Evil Horde he has formed the super villain team, the Insighters. Consisting of She-Racer, Punch-Up, and Xombor, the Insighters have yet to meet their match!

General Krom was made from an Iccarus base, Snake Man guard modded armor, ML Onslaught head modded with Horde symbol, Count Marzo boots, modded Hydron waist with Carnvorus, and his mace can hang from his belt. Wrapped up in a custom deep shaded paint job. Enjoy!



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