Galactic King Hiss (MOTUC Original)


In an effort to compete with He-Man and Skeletor’s galactic powers and defeat Lady Slither’s army, King Hiss launches himself and Fangor into space. Fangor being Hiss’s resident weaponer, he orders him to conduct experiments on him using space radiation. The procedure mutates Hiss’s body even further resulting in Fangor having to construct a new suit for Hiss to contain his new galactic powered body. Now, along with snake like appendages protruding through his armor, he has unknown strength and stamina. Armed with Fangor’s new mechanical and organic hybrid blaster and power staff, and able to transform into and even more powerful snake creature, King Hiss thinks he’s ready to take on all of the forces of Eternia!

Hiss was made from a Snake Armor Hisss base with modded armor with sculpted details, Galactic Skeletor feet, Shokoti’s mutant tentacles, bird warrior figure hands, King Hiss head with sculpted details, and finished in a reptilian paint job. Enjoy!




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