Chaos Cousin Etto (MOTUC Original)


The Chaos Cousins come from Etheria’s future, and have one goal in life: To destroy She-Ra and ensure their future rule.

Armed with her twin blaster cannons and living sentient armor, cousin Etto only cares about her cousin and fighting. Etto is a master marksman, and when she is in even the slightest bit of danger her armor can take over and best any opponent. Her armor, which she fondly refers to as Slag, is of two separate minds and his part comedian and part murdering psychopath. The last words her victims hear is ‘She-Ra’ will fall.

Etto was made form a She-Ra base, with lots of fodder armor, and sculpted detailed armor, parts from Zodak and a mix of 2 different arms from Teela and She-Ra. Finished with a fighting futuristic paint job! Enjoy!



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