Asperia (MOTUC Original)


Far into the depths of Eternia King Hisss conducts his reptilian experiments on the people of Eternia. The first victim of his vile experiments was a young girl. Hisss was displeased by the outcome and the girl was discarded in the woods of Eternia. During one of their intel excursions, Hordak’s men found the girl and brought her back to Etheria. Hordak used his magics to stop the transformation of the young girl into snakeman. However, she had already changed part way, from her limbs inward. She has now take the name Asperia and given her loyalty to her savior, Hordak, vowing to feed King Hisss’ remains to her living snake hand!

Asperia was made from a Battle Ground Teela base, Adora boots, Snake hand from Snake Face’s snakes, Dactus head mount, and MOTUC fodder for armor. Finished her is a bright Filmation paint job! Enjoy!



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