ZEVO (MOTU Original)


When it comes to pirating no one does it better or more ferociously than Zevo! Weather the Great Eternian Sea, the Etherian Desert, or the Dark Eternia Bog Forrests Zevo has stolen weapons and treasure from all dimensions. Thanks to his magical wings that allow him to travel between worlds no booty is safe! Armed with his dual double bladed axes, and clad in his volcanic fire scales, Zevo is a proven thorn in the side of Hordak, Skeletor, He-Man, and Lord Dark!

Zevo was made from a MOTUC Clawful base, Demo Man arms heavily modded Flogg head, ML Wasp wings, fodder for his horns and tongue, and sculpted fire scales, eyes, and head! His paint job took me 3 days due to the meticulousness of it, and check out his metallic shaded bug eyes! Enjoy!



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