Morph (90’s X-Men Cartoon)


Definitely one of the creepiest characters to come out of the X-Men universe, Morph was a product of the classic 90’s X-Men cartoon that so many of us grew up watching. Morph’s mutant power was the ability to, well, morph into other characters with the ultimate hope to impersonate Scott Summers and sleep with Jean. Just kidding! I made up that last bit. He did however do his fair share of impersonations, struggled with his darker half, and ultimately died saving the day.

Here is Morph in his classic look from the show. He comes with his zapper, as seen in the show, and 3 alternate heads for him to morph into, including Cyclops, Logan, and Gambit!

Morph was made from a ML Batrock base, Xorn arms, Cyclops jacket, with sculpted details on his legs. His Morph head was a Quicksilver with sculpted hair. His 3 alternate heads were fit to the base, and everything received a full repaint with deep shaded details. Enjoy!



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