Skeletress (MOTUC Concept)


Skeletress is the nastier half of Eternia’s most dastardly Power Couple. Skeletress was a common girl in an Eternian border town that Skeletor’s forces burned to the ground. Skeletor took her in and raised her in the same magics he practiced. Skeletor’s daughter Keltra and Skeletress became best friends, and years later Keltra helped her escape, but not before Skeletress also freed Skeletron. Skeletress is a powerful enchantress that uses her beauty to gain power and wreak havoc on Skeletor’s forces…and anyone else that crosses the path of her and her true love, Skeletron.

Skeletress was made from a MOTUC Shokoti base with Mara of Primus boots with sculpted skulls and bones, and wrestler feet. Her hood was a Barsom Skeletor custom hood with a ML She Hulk face and sculpted hair. Her cape is a mash up of Shokoti and Mara. She has 5 interchangeable hands for holding her custom made staff and casting different spells, and comes with custom painted magic effects. Her entire skirt and chest armor is ALL custom sculpted. Love how that turned out! The paint job on her face is probably the best, and my favorite, female apps yet. Enjoy!



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