Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive Ant Man Review


ant1 The newest member of the exclusive Walgreens Club is Marvel Legend’s Ant-Man! With thisant2 summer’s Ant-Man MCU debut, and a new Secret Wars title, the half inch hero is currently experiencing more popularity than he ever has. However, both of those titles feature Scott Lang in the ant hill, but for some reason Hasbro chose to give us the Eric O’Grady version of the character. Which brings me to my first gripe with this figure, so I might as well start with the cons.

Negatives: Even though Scott Lang is the Ant-Man we are all currently knowing and loving, this figure is the Eric O’Grady version. O’Grady was created by Robert Kirkman for his Irredeemable Ant-Man series from 2006, and was a goof of a SHIELD agent ant3that clumsily stole the a version of the Ant-Man suit, and hi-jinks ensued. It’s a great series, but if ant4Hasbro was going to do an O’Grady figure I really wish they had gone with the suit from the Irredeemable series. It was badass. This one however is a bit lacking, and only consists of a new head sculpt on a reused, elongated Spiderman body. The color scheme is only black and red, with a few highlights on the face and helmet. The only other extra detail is the new belt which is very simple.

As I mentioned, the body is a bit longer than the Spiderman body, which is which is a very strange attribute to the figure, and makes him look very “Elongated Manish”, and also a bit top heavy because of the size of his head. I don’t think of O’Grady like that, but more of a stocky, medium build, and the suit from the Irredeemable story is much more armored up and tactical looking. It would have been a much better choice.

ant5Positives: On the up side the head sculpt leads the pack. It’s a brand new one that features cool little ant6antennae, and some cool paint apps. I like that the figure has fists, but some extra hands like the open ones that came with Spiderman would have been really cool. His articulation is great! He has those Spiderman double shoulder joints, and all the rest of the new Infinite series joints. His paint apps are simple but very clean and sharp. And as I mentioned before, he comes with a new belt that ties the figure together.

ant7Bottom line: End of the day the figure is way too simple in my mind for an exclusive. From paint ant8job to his lack of accessories, he kind of leaves one wanting some mini extras like and ant or an extra set of hands. Especially when you think of how great the Infinite Series Agent Venom was, which was the last Walgreens exclusive. His head sculpt is pretty nice, but I think his best use will be for customizers looking for a basic base body.


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