Wal-Roar (MOTUC Original)


Wal-Roar! He-Man’s Submariner ally. The only thing Wal-Roar loves more than a good fight is Eternian Mountain Goat Ale. Wal-Roar lost his left hand to Skeletor set 11 of his minions on him, but would have lost his life had He-Man not shown up and evened out the odds. Together they put a beating on Skeletor’s forces that sent them into hiding for 3 months. Ever since Wal-Roar has never missed a chance to repay He-Man, and is always looking for a good rumble! Having replaced his severed hand with a fishing blade, Wal-Roar is also armed with his bone-hilted water sword, and is covered in barnacles.

Wal-Roar was made from a MOTUC lower half and DCUC Etrigan upper, Mer-Man arms, Hydron feet, Slush-Head hand, and a Thunder Cats modded head. His fur, hand and barnacles are all sculpted detail, and he is finished with a Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!



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