Filmation Skeletor (MOTUC)


I don’t think there is a more iconic image from the 80’s He-Man Filmation cartoon than Skeletor throwing insult after insult at his half-wit minions! I have always wanted an articulate FILMATION style Skeletor figure that fit in perfectly with my Masters of the Universe Classics figure collection. And now you can own a part of history and your childhood in a way you never have! This Skeletor incorporates tons of aspects from the FILMATION Skeletor design including new feet and boots, 3 plated skirt, brand  new re-sculpted chest armor with 3 plated shoulder pads, and to top it all off a brand new FILMATION Skeletor head cast identical to the vintage cartoon! SO COOL!!! I finished Skeletor with a FILMATION color accurate paint job, including his ram staff! “You muscle bound baffoon!”

Skeletor was made from a MOTUC Skeletor base, completely original head cast by Barsom from the UK (awesome job, check out his DeviantArt, ), sculpted and moded chest armor and skirt, DKR Batman boots with Stratos feet. Enjoy!



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