Battle Beast (Invincible Universe)


If you don’t read Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, do it. It’s on of the most fulfilling and consistent comics of the past decade. It’s a comic book fan’s comic. And one of the coolest characters in the book is Battle Beast. He’s ruthless, fights in space without a spacesuit because he doesn’t care, and he loves battle! This was one of my favorite commissions to date, and a pleasure to make. The client truly showed class with this selection!

Battle Beast was made from a MOTU Count Marzo lower, and ML Piledriver upper, with a combo of Geldor and Zodak armor, Strong-Or legs with King Thor knee pads, and the lion head is from a Magic the Gathering Ajani Goldmane figure, which could not have fit better for this figure. Finished him with a flatt, gloss, metallic paintjob, and put a ton of details into the head and face. I wanted to match the highlights with the bluish details of the Piledriver shading. I took TONS of photos but the bright white got washed out a bit in editing. Enjoy!



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