Punisher: Tactical Armor


The Punisher: the mob kills his family, he kills the mob…and every one else. This is Frank Castle in his Avengers Armor. I wanted to give him a suit that he could wear to stand side by side with the Avengers. Lets face it folks, at some point there’s going to be a situation that only good old Frank can, and is willing to handle. This tactical armor comes fully loaded with gun holsters on both sides of the teeth of the skull, which double as magazine clips for his automatic weapons. He has a 2 more holsters with removable guns on his hip and one on his back. He also comes with a sniper rifle, hand gun with silencer, and what Punisher would be complete without a bazooka? He has one.

Punisher was made from a ML Punny lower, Agent Venom upper, Steve Rogers hands and head with sculpted hair, and some fodder and sculpted bits. I put a lot of shading and detail into the face for a unique look. Enjoy!



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