The Amazing Spider-Man McFarlane Syle


Web to the eye! Mr. Parker here is a commission for a customer who was a fan of my super poseable Spiderman from last year, except this time around they requested Spidey to be McFarlane style, my favorite!

I started with a super poseable light up Spiderman. Worked some magic with the neck, and gave him a McFarlane head and a custom painted unmasked Peter Parker head. I repainted the entire figure from head to toe. Started by getting rid of the black smudges that come with the terrible factory paint job, and gave him a base coat of homemade Spidey red and Spidey blue. The paints for his suit have just enough sheen so they look like fabric. Then I repainted every single line on the figure with flat black, and finished him off with a black gloss for the spider emblem. Also made him a custom “spaghetti web line” McFarlane style! And I installed some magnets in his feet so he can stick to metal surfaces! Enjoy!



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