Agent Venom Infinite Series 2.0


Can’t get enough of this guy. I wouldn’t be upset if Flash Thompson remained as this tactical version of Venom for the foreseeable future. And I was dying to try my hand at a tricked out version of this figure using the new Hasbro Agent Venom Walgreens exclusive figure. This is Agent Venom in his traditional black and white, Infinite Series style like you’ve never seen him before!

I started with the Hasbro issue base and added 3 interchangeable heads. One masked, one unmasked with the symbiote creeping up the side of his face and ghosted eyes, and one full on Venom head. The Venom head is a custom sculpted original head with razor sharp teeth and brand new eyes! I also gave him 2 sets of interchangeable hands; one hero set and one Venom set. He also has 2 sets of Venom symbiote tendrils that attach at his back and can hold all his guns, and the mother load of weaponry! I gave him a custom painted sniper rifle, heavy blaster, 2 Glock pistols, and 2 laser sighted hand guns! Oh, and his trademark 357 magnum that sits in it’s own holster on his belt.

Finished him off with a custom paint job, fixing the crappy on that Hasbro gave him in the factory. I used 3 shades of black, from matte to glossy finishes on his armor, and highlighted him with blue-grey shading throughout to give his spikey symbiote armor bits a very alien look! Enjoy!



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