Commander Cody Star Wars Black Series 2.0


I love this guy. Straight badass. Part Robo Cop, part Captain America, all clone. Cody is by far my favorite character to come out of the Clone Wars saga, and this is my second attempt at Commander Cody. My first was very clean, and this version is the battle warn suit with hand painted scratches and scrapes, scuffed boots, and realistic grease and mud stains. Cody comes with 2 different hand blasters, and the standard clone issue riffle. He also has his back pack, and Obi Wan’s light saber on his hip, and a set of photon specs. And check out his holo-com with a little hologram of the Emperor enacting the dreaded “Order 66″!!! Topped off with his Phase II helmet!

Commander Cody was made from a 6” Black Series clone trooper and an enlarged phase II Cody head. Finished him with a custom paint job. Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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