Alfred Pennyworth


My latest commission, the indelible Alfred Pennyworth. Much more than just Batman’s butler, Alfred’s back story has been fleshed out and given more weight over the past few years. We now know a bit more about his military background, and the role he has played in forming Bruce Wayne into the man he is today. I especially love some of the character moments he had in the wake of Damian’s death.

I think as a figure Alfred can come across as a bit bland, so I wanted to give him a unique flavor that would show off him a bit more of his tough side. I used a Lex head because of the gruff expression, and sculpted with hair and stache. His body was Joker, and his bow tie was from fodder. I gave him some gloss and matte highlights, and the coup de ga’ce are his accessories! I made him a silver tray of food as a meal to serve to young Master Bruce, all custom made, even the tray. And, on occasion, Alfred has been known to pack some heat, so I gave him a sawed off shotgun for when guests of Wayne Manor become “a little worse for wear.” I hope the new owner enjoys him as much as I did making him.

See you in the future!



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