Classic Mighty Thor


Some of you may recognize Thor here as a Loose Collector design. It is! I used LC’s recepie for the Asgardian Wonder, but I made 2 mods: the beard and a spot on his belt for Mjolnir to rest. As I got closer to completeing this figure I realized what a cool freaking costume this classic look was. How awesome would it be for the Avengers to have a retro day like they do in baseball. Bust out the old uniforms! This guy is a beast and could easily take on the entire Wrecking Crew AND their uncles! I packed this guy with details from his sculpted beard, belt, boot wraps, and the circles on his body that still allow for a small ab crunch. Mojlnir also got a custom job with metallic rock and wood effects, and a real leather tail!

Thor was made from a Piledriver base, Disney hands, cuffs, hat, knees, and cape, and Select head. Body details, belt, beard and lower legs are all sculpted detail. And Mjolnir has a cool metalic rock thing going on, and a real leather strap. The hard part was transfering the face into the hair and hat. My favorite part and greatest lesson learned on this was the sculpting. The forearms were totally empty. Had to resculpt them from scratch to match the veins and musculature of the rest of the arm so that it blended seamlessly. So cool! Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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