Spiderman Noir


I missed a lot of the Marvel Noir books, but from what I did read it seemed like some cool stuff. Definitely the standout in the line was Spiderman, with his almost steampunk costume. This figure was done as a commission. I’ve seen a lot of these figures done, some went with a bluish hue to the suit. After referencing tons of pics online, the best stuff was from the actual comic. His suit is about 4 shades of brown and some black highlights of both gloss and matte. The figure was made from a Patriot upper and hands,  and Xorn lower with Fury lower legs and boots, and Longshot arms. The head is a complete original sculpt to look like leather, with fodder goggles. Also sculpted the collar and buttons. Even added a faint spider logo on his back. And pinstripes!!! Hope the new owner enjoys him as much as I did making him. He was a blast! Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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