Commander Cody Star Wars


I’ve been waiting my whole life for 6″ Star Wars figures, and I LOVE Hasbro’s new Black Series! What better time to put them out than now so we can include all of the prequel and animated Clone Wars characters as well. And here is possibly the most popular clone to hit light speed, Commander Cody! Here he is decked out in his Phase II gear, complete with blaster, heavy rifle, and his holographic comm-link to Emperor Palpatine himself! Cody here is Obi-Wan’s most loyal, and can strike all kinds of Separatist infiltrating poses! Check it out, I modeled him after the Hot Toys sixth scale figure!

Cody was made from a heavily modified Sandtrooper and a cast head. The rest is sculpted detail. Finished him off with a custom paint job. Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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