The Amazing Spiderman


Save Peter Parker! So glad he’s coming back (or is he?). Just got my new Infinite Series Spiderman and wasn’t too happy with it. He was a bit too bulky and his hips and shoulders look really strange. So I decided to make my own! I went with the classic blue and red, gave him a crazy articulate body, and modded all his heads so that he can look up, and strike some creepy spidery poses! That’s right, I said heads! He comes with one classic Amazing Spiderman head, one Ramos style head with a very perplexed expression, and an unmasked Peter Parker head. He also comes with a custom web line, and a polaroid camera so he can snap pics of all his villains and get paid! I also gave him magnets in his feet so he can stick to metal surfaces! This Spidey got a serious paint job from top to bottom with a mix of flat and gloss finishes. I got rid of all the black smudges on his red parts, and repainted EVERY LINE!!! Spidey here is SO ready to get into any spidery pose he needs to in order to take out the baddies! Enjoy!



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