Lady Shiva


She’s a bad mamma jamma! A one time leader of the League of Assassins, Lady Shiva here is regarded as one of the most dangerous women in the DCU, and always giving Batman and his camp a run for their moola. She was done as a commission for a client. A really fun job. The jacket, which I am really proud of, was a pest to get right. I was looking for something for months that would fit without modding, but eventually went with a melding of 2 separate pieces. She was a DCUC Zatanna base, Power Woman legs, and part of a Nick Fury jacket. The other hang up was getting Zatanna’s legs off and the new ones on. In the end I’m happy with how she turned out. Finished her off with a custom paint job consisting of a mix of metallics and flats, and a few different shades of black. Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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