superior spiderman 3.0


I’m loving the new Marvel Legends Infinite series. And yes, I have a Superior Spiderman addiction. His costume is so engaging, and there is so much you can do with it! Having said that, I can’t wait for the return of Peter Parker.

The new Superior Spiderman figure is cool, but early designs showed that they didn’t know which version to put out. The original pictures showed the new costume with the old feet, and minus the gauntlets and any accessories. So I amped this guy up with all the goodies! I added his forearm gauntlets, Spiderpack on his back, and sculpted his shoes on as they are in the comic. I also made him 2 Spiderbots, and gave him his 4 Spider Stinger arms that attach magnetically and double as a GIANT SPIDERBOT!!! I also touched up his paint job so that he is more accurate to the comics! Now Doc Ock is ready to keep kicking butt as the Ultimate Superior Spiderman! Enjoy!

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