Batman Zero Year 2.0

bat240Some of you may have seen my first Zero Year Batman a few months back, inspired by his “Mad Max” look in issue #21. Well issue #24 was the full debut of what looks to be the costume we will see for the duration of Zero Year. Absolutely inspired by his first appearance in Detective Comics #27, but with a New 52 update where everything is armored.

Here we see his purple gloves, gray purple belt with gold Bat buckle and pouches. The belt buckle, glove cuffs, boots, leg belt, and armor was sculpted onto an Obsidian base (just a standard DCUC buck). I added movie cap lower boots so he has the new ML ankle articulation. I got his grappling gun pretty perfect from what we saw in issue #24, and I found the YJ Batman head to be pretty accurate with the high ears, and cowl near the jaw.

I really like this guy. Hope you like him as well. Enjoy!



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