Parasite Man of Steel


Rounding out my “What if…MOS” villains is the guy who took the gross title from Brainiac… Parasite! In the aftermath of the Battle of Metropolis between Superman and Zod, the Parasite is born from the chemical wreckage of a destroyed LexCorp truck. Having only Superman to blame for his constantly deteriorating physical state, the Parasite leaches the life from his victims in order to go on living. The Parasite, once a man, now hides his revolting form under the tattered clothes of one of his victims; he hunts Kal El by way of tactile ESP. Hoping one day to reach the man who made him, and the one man who can destroy him.

Parasite was a MM Gordon legs and coat, YJ Kaldur torso and feet, Gem hands, the head from that Conan guy, and the Question’s hat. Wrapped up in a custom paint job. Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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