Red Hood DC New 52 v3


This is my 3rd stab at DC’s New 52 Red Hood, and absolutely my best. The bat was sculpted, and I used “gun metal” on his chest, hands, and details of his suit to give him the accurate “robotic” feel to his suit. I also gave his jacket several wash coats to replicate leather. This guy also comes with 2 sets of hand guns that both fit into his hip holsters. And as requested he has a knife stashed away in his back attached to his belt. This was a commission for a great guy Robert D. Good luck and be safe. I hope he loves it!

Thanks Robert.

Red Hood was made from a Superboy body, Atom head, DCUC legs, Nick Fury Arms, fodder and sculpt, and a custom paint job. Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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