Lex Luthor Man of Steel


Some of you may remember my “What if…Dark Knight” villains and John Blake like from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Batman movies. They were a kind of what if Nolan had done included these characters in his movies? What would they look like, and what would their stories be. Well I have had a couple requests to do a similar line for the new Man OF Steel movie, so here…we…go!

First up is Superman’s greatest enemy, Lex Luthor. Here is Lex in his business attire. In the wake of Superman and Zod’s destruction of Metropolis, Lex Luthor has stepped in as the new “savior” of Metropolis. As his LEXCorp company rebuilds the city, the people of Metropolis now look at Superman as a careless, power hungry murderer. He comes with sculpted handkerchief and a chard of Kryptonite! Every figure in this line will come with their own chard of Kryptonite!

Lex was a DKMM Ras with a DCUC Pharoh (?) head, and sculpted bits with a custom paint job. Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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