Robin Damian Wayne DC New 52

robin236By far my favorite book in the DC New 52 is Batman and Robin. Pat Gleason and Peter Tomasi have defined Damian Wayne amazingly. Damian is also possibly the most interesting character in the DCU at the moment. And he doesn’t have a cool figure. The DCD one is too tall and has a lame head sculpt. So here is my version. Fully articulate and comes with his sword, staff, and 2 robinarangs. His trademark hood is removable, and he is proportionate in size to Batman as a 10 year old would be .

He was a YJ Robin body, some other Robin’s head and cape. I sculpted the front cape, mask, ‘R’,  and forearms, and gave him Stargirl boots. Finished with a custom paint job.

See you in the future!



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