Superior Spiderman Marvel NOW!


Everyone just take a step back and breathe! If you haven’t read Amazing Spiderman #700 then you might not know why the 40 year old that is still living in his mother’s basement is sending Marvel execs death threats. I won’t spoil it here, much anyway, but I think we all know that Peter will be Spiderman come the next movie.

So I thought I’d get the jump on the newest addition to the Marvel NOW! stable. My first thwipt at Otto Octavious as the Superior Spiderman!

He was about 4 different Spiderman figures, a bit of sculpt and a new paint job. Let me tell you! Each of those thin black webbing lines on his costume were hand painted. Nearly drove me more insane than I already am. Approach with caution!

See you in the future!



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