What if…John Blake/Nightwing 2.0 Dark knight Rises

This is the last figure in my “What if…John Blake, Chalk” series! I wanted to finish with what I thought would be the closest version of what John Blake would become. Nightwing in his deep blue, and the chalk bat/bird on his chest over the bat symbol. Nightwing also comes with his batons that clip into his back, and the blue on his chest tapers down to more resemble a bird.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Nightwing also comes with his very own custom made bike that I call the Batbird! This bike is painted with matt and gloss black, and Nightwing blue. It has a custom painted computer screen, GPS, and all sorts of buttons! The front of the bike lifts up for easier access in park! I also modded Nightwing’s nick so he can look straight up and forward when he is on the bike.

He was a Batman, John Blake, fodder, and the bike was bright red, from Tron or something.



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