What if…John Blake/Azrael The Dark Knight Rises

This is the 6th figure in my What if…John Blake concepts “Chalk” series (I really like the character). I imagined what Det. John Blake would do with everything that Bruce Wayne gave him. Blake has all of Batman’s resources, but none of his money so he I didn’t think he would retool the costume much. Instead, I think he would walk up to it and slap on the white chalk bat/bird that he drew all over Gotham, right on the chest. In this case Blake begins his training with the search for the Sword and Armor of St. Dumas, and takes the mantel of Azrael and goes after Bane.

Weather you want to admit it or not, those of us who knew the Knightfall story, for just a moment when Bruce is taken out by Bane and we didn’t know who John Blake was going to turn out to be, we thought there might be a chance that Blake could be some version of Azrael and take out Bane like he did in the comics. Wishful thinking?

He was a DKR Batman with a Robin head and hood cape.


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