Bane The Dark Knight Rises

A couple weeks ago I posted a custom Icon figure which was the first custom I saw in my adult life (Loosecollector’s), and was the figure that inspired me back into the game. I say “back” because in 1993 when I was a wee lad, the Knightfall story was running through the Batman books and I was blown away by this guy who could best Batman. I immediately grabbed some of my GI Joe’s and started customizing my own Bane figure. I still have it (see pic at bottom), and the white bit on his arm was part of my really expensive mouth gear that was supposed to fix my teeth (thanks mom!).

Anyway, now you know why I’m obsessed with TDKR. This is my version of Bane. With the exception of Bane, I think the movie figures are great. He suffers from stiffness and he’s too short (I think Stevid did one like this).

I gave mine some bigger legs, bare and articulate arms, I sculpted his back which was completely blank on my figure(not even green), and sculpted his arm gear.



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