Knightsend Azrael

In lieu of next summer’s The Dark Knight Rises I revisited the nice Knightfall TPBs that I got a while back. This time I read the entire story from Batman’s fall to Bane’s rise, and Banes fall to Azrael’s rise, to Azrael’s fall to Batman’s rise…again, or something like that. Awesome story!

SPOILERS AHEAD! (I know my brother hasn’t read it yet)

So after reading how could I resist making another Azrael custom, this time modeled after his appearance at the end of the story when in order to keep up with Batman he has to strip down to nothing but his pants, t-shirt, and helmet. Barry Kitson made Azrael look amazing, and I had to go for it. For a character that has repeatedly had THE best costume designs in the business he sure doesn’t get much love from DC.

So here is Knightsend Azrael, or as I like to call him, “Angry Azrael.”

He’s a DCUC Az-Bats lower and Helmet, DCUC Aquaman upper, someone’s fists, and a custom paint job.



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