Extremis Iron Man

Don’t get me wrong, I love the new waves of Marvel Legends 2012, but I think what I like most about them is their potential. The Extremis Iron Man not only comes from one of the greatest Iron Man stories ever, but he is the best Iron Man figure to date. I love that the disks on the hips swivel.

I just thought he could use some sprucing up. I noticed that he had 2 different shades of gold, so I evened them out, and painted his chin that was left off, and I added some gold highlights on the armor’s bolts. I changed the color of his repulsors to a glowing blue, and cut off the 2 pieces of plastic that were inhibiting his ankles, and repainted them. Then finished him off with some deep shading for details that defined his armor and made it pop a bit more.



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