Flashpoint Emperor Aquaman

I love alternate reality stories, especially when they actually fit into continuity, and especially when they highlight one of my favorite characters. Like it or not, without Geoff Johns’ ‘Flashpoint’ we would have even less reasoning as to why the DC New 52 exists.

Aquaman is riding a seriously large wave of success (see what I did there) that started in Brightest Day, and continues into Flashpoint where he was Emperor of most of the world. I loved his General duds, with the scar and perpetually angry face. I’d be pissed to if I wasn’t taken seriously for the first 6 decades of my life. Badass. Finally.

I used a DCUC Aquaman as the base, moded it a bit, sculpted his belt and shoulder patch, but the key was his head. It was a MLFO Cap head. Not sure about yours, but mine had a Toxic Avengers eye, so I got to test my skills on painting a new eye for the first time. I used that head for the more serious/angry look it almost had. From there I finished the rest of him with a custom paint job.

Enjoy! AC

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