DC New 52 John Constantine “Hellblazer”

I haven’t missed an issue of Hellblazer over the past year, and I am slowly working backwards enjoying the exploits of John Constantine. So you can imagine my excitement when DC announced that he would be prominently featured in another series coming out of the relaunched New 52, Justice League Dark! Constantine is a magical badass that isn’t too proud to take a beating, and then get right back up and kick you in the bollocks!

I can’t wait for a DCU Classics series featuring all the new characters and costumes of the DCnU, and with any luck we’ll get a proper Constantine figure. Until then, here is mine. I used a DCUC Question, cut his suit off, and an Aquaman head. Custom paint job including the Camuncolli scar under his left eye, and a custom sculpted lit cigarette. Enjoy!




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