Chris Burnham’s Officer Downe

Some time ago, at a Windy City Con here in Chicago, I was surprised to find one of my favorite artists sitting at a booth surrounded by no one, at a show that held at best 20 tables. I figured that was my chance to hit him up for a quick sketch of that half dog/half robot from that badass story he did with the crazy Scottish guy. I was returning to comics after a 10 year hiatus, and didn’t actually know what the artist looked like. Turned out it wasn’t him at all…it was just Chris Burnham.

Well Chris actually did go on to work with the Scottish guy, and came up with some of his own characters that are just as badass. One of which is Officer Downe from the self titled Image one-shot, written by frequent collaborator Joe Kelly.

From that point on Chris and I became best friends, and even engage in shirtless squirt-gun battles on the lawn from time to time. So I asked Chris which of his characters he’d most like to see in a tangible, 3D form as one of my customs. Here is his answer…Officer Downe!

Formula = ML Bishop w/mullet, lots of sculpting, custom weapons and paint job. Enjoy!

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