“G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero” Snake-Eyes

Definitely my favorite yet. If you were lucky enough to experience a bit of the 80’s as a child then you should appreciate this. Snake-Eyes in his 2.0 gear from G.I. Joe. I wanted to go for the costume that sported the visor as I felt it presented a bit more of a challenge. I can’t think of a figure that already has a piece like that, so I knew I would be doing my fair share of sculpting. And I like the DCU Classics’ sleek and simple design. I’ll do a ML style later.

Formula = DCU Vigilante base, ML Bullseye accessories, with custom weapons (check out the tattoo on the sword), custom visor sculpt, and a custom paint job. Took a while, but well worth it! Check out the before and after photos.


Custom Snake-Eyes


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