“The Waterbearer” Aquaman

Ok, so I’m a little partial towards Aquaman. I love the design of my first custom, the “Crisis of Conscience” Aquaman, but I felt like I owed you guys a bit more customization. So here is Orin from “The Waterbearer” story, written by Rick Veitch. Orin trades in his fishing hook for a magical water hand, compliments of The Lady of the Lake. The run was a bit “Aurthorian”, as in a sword jammed into a rock, but it was a decent run, and I thought the water hand was badass!

The figure itself is made from pieces of both DC Universe Aquamen (short and long haired), and Lex Luthor. Finished him off with a custom paint job.

Make him an A-lister! Give him his own book and put him in charge of the JLA!

Enjoy! AC

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