“Crisis of Conscience” Aquaman

Founding member of the Justice League of America. King of the Sea. And all jokes aside, the one Leaguer that can literally lead the team one handed. Geoff John’s “Crisis of Conscience Aquaman.

I’m really excited about this figure for several reasons. First is…he’s my first! Aquaman is one of my favorite characters, and so I thought it right to make the king of the DC seas the first AO! custom figure. I call this the “Crisis of Conscience” Aquaman because this is how he looked in the uber under-rated, and great, pre-Infinite Crisis JLA arc from Geoff Johns.

Now, I have to confess a couple things. He isn’t exactly a custom, but more of a modification of the original DC Universe short and long hair versions of the figure. I moved the arms and head of the short hair figure over to the body and legs of the long hair figure. Notice the solid green pants without the black “Josh Brollin from Goonies” style shorts, and the gold belt. Also, I got the idea from another custom figure artist on the web. So props to Buzzy Fret.

Now, lets get Aquaman back in his own book!


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