Join The Patreon!

Hello all! Recently I started a Patreon creator page where you can go to support my work, and be a part of a community that loves custom action figures and just toys in general! I offer multiple tiers with different rewards including behind the scenes looks at the projects I’m working on, in depth tutorials and breakdowns of how I make my figures, video tutorials, unboxing videos, work studio tours, collection pics and Saturday morning nostalgia flashbacks where you can see the toys that influence my work, and much more!

Also, I’m always taking commissions, but have you ever wanted a custom figure but didn’t have the cash to pay all at once? As a member of my Patreon at the $100 tier you’ll have the opportunity to break up the payment by paying over time. Feel free to click the image link below or visit my Patreon at I offer multiple tiers, so you can choose the best one for you!


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