Custom Tutorials

Custom Tutorials

When I started customizing I had a ton of questions, and still do from time to time. Thanks to some great tips and tutorials from a few of the top customizers, I’ve reached a point where I can bring you my own Action Figure Customizing Guide. Thanks so much to Dave at Loose Collector, Jin Saotome, Raybot, Buzzy Fret, and Kyle Robinson, and all the others for being so gracious with their time and help over the years. And don’t forget the best tips of all…experimentation and creativity.

I will be adding to this list regularly, so check back often! And if you don’t see it don’t hesitate to request a tutorial, and I’ll add it to the list! accustomfigures at hotmail dot com.


1. Getting Started Part 1

2. Getting started Part 2

3. Hair Sculpting Part 1

4. Full Body Sculpting Tutorial (Flail-Tail MOTUC)

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